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The Irish Daisy is owned and operated by Renee Catalfano, a Certified Aromatherapist and Licensed Massage Therapist in Auburn, NY. Renee has been an LMT since 2002 (over 17 years!) and a user of essential oils for about as long.

It’s important to remember when using essential oils less is more, & every oil has a proper dilution rate based on chemical make up, how it’s being used, and the age of the client.

Over the years essential oil use has grown, but unfortunately most oils are bought through companies that rely on their uplines who are not formally educated on proper oil use. While many people use oils on themselves and their children thinking that they are doing something good for their body, they are actually causing stress to the body due to overuse, or using the wrong essential oils, thus causing more harm to their body.

After witnessing this happening with her clients, Renee sought out a more formal education in essential oils through the Aromahead Institute. She wanted a solid, science-based education so that she could educate her clients on the safe use of essential oils to support their health.

All Irish Daisy products are formulated with the safety, health, and wellness of her clients at the forefront of the business. Safe essential oil blends, handcrafted soaps, lotions, body balms & butters, lip balms, and even a few products for our animal friends are some of the products offered at The Irish Daisy. All products are formulated using safe dilution rates, and science backed knowledge to ensure client safety.

Renee is happy to answer any questions you may have about essential oils. In fact, she loves to talk about them and teach others about safety and proper usage. Along with her family and massage therapy, essential oils are her passion.

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